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  1. Display the Full Title (245) including Statement of Responsibility  ·  UNDER REVIEW

  2. Responsive, Accessible Catalog, Discovery Platform(s)  ·  UNDER REVIEW

  3. Ability to send test message with data pulled from the ILS  ·  UNDER REVIEW

  4. Retain more than 36 months of Sierra data for reporting  ·  UNDER REVIEW

  5. Improve Leap Offline by not relying on saved data in the browser cache  ·  UNDER REVIEW

  6. Take a good, hard look at patrons' data privacy in LX Starter  ·  UNDER REVIEW

  7. MFT support in data exchange  ·  UNDER REVIEW

  8. Addition of "PA" Extension in Item Info Response

  9. Make variable fields in a template available for loading via data exchange  ·  FUTURE POSSIBILITIES (IDEA LAB)

  10. Add Custom Data Fields to Item Records  ·  UNDER REVIEW

  11. Incorporate See / See Also authority record data in search results.  ·  UNDER REVIEW

  12. Facet Navigation and Display Improvements  ·  UNDER REVIEW

  13. Allow missing Web Management Reports Data to be re-added with the correct time period  ·  UNDER REVIEW

  14. Responsive Calendar  ·  UNDER REVIEW

  15. Include Shelf Location in responsive view of Item Record Sets in Leap

  16. Create List export should have option to include subfield delimiters  ·  FUTURE POSSIBILITIES (IDEA LAB)

  17. Allow Local Create List Saved Exports  ·  FUTURE POSSIBILITIES (IDEA LAB)

  18. Increase Character Limits for Data Fields  ·  UNDER REVIEW

  19. Record Creation - Add "Back" option vs. just "Next" or "Cancel"  ·  UNDER REVIEW

  20. Include the PatronRegistration field "CollectionExempt" in a PAPI response.  ·  UNDER REVIEW

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